Family Reunion or Spouse Visa For Germany Extras & FAQs

Family Reunion or Spouse Visa For Germany Extras & FAQs, Desi in Wonderland

This blog is regarding the family reunion or a spouse visa. If you are not married or if you do not have a potential partner or if you are not engaged then this blog is not probably for you.

However, this blog will help people who want to apply for a family reunion visa. You can also watch the video in which I had explained the process in detail.

You can find the complete list of all the documents and application forms on the German embassy’s website of your country.

Here is the list of additional information on required documents for a German family reunion visa or spouse visa.


Certificate of residency in Germany (“Meldebescheinigung”) of your spouse/family member can be received from the Rathaus of the spouse’s city in Germany.

This is the place where the spouse has registered his/her address when he/she first came to the city.

  • There are two kinds of Meldebescheinigung Normal and Extended (Erweiterte).


You can get the extended one (As in my friend’s case, it was recommended by the Rahaus lady). The extended one also has the marital status of your spouse besides the spouse’s current address.

On this certificate, usually, your spouse’s marital status is also written. It could be “single”, even though you are married but this does not make any difference because this status will change when the spouse arrives in Germany.

Copy of Passports 

It is recommended to print the first four pages of the passport on the same single side of the A4 size page.

Copies of ID cards

It is recommended to get the front and back copy of the above-mentioned document on the same page.

Original NADRA computerized birth certificate

This document needs to be submitted in Original for all the people mentioned on the Embassy’s website. If the spouse is a German national then the copy can be submitted.

Family Registration Certificate (FRC)  

As an applicant, you need two kinds of FRC. (for Pakistanis)

  • One which represents Applicants Family tree like Parents and siblings
  • Second, which represents the applicant’s family tree after marriage.


If you want to know how to apply for FRC, this link will help.   

Original marriage certificate 

You need a marriage certificate from your corresponding religious institute.

    • Muslim (Nikahnama)
    • Hindu (Temple certificate)
    • Christian (Church certificate)


Proof of German Language

Proof of sufficient basic knowledge of the German language (A1 language Certificate) is needed for spouses of

    • German national
    • Student (including Ph.D. students)
    • Normal residence permit


However, Proof of German language is not required for

  • applicants whose spouse is a Blue Cardholder
  • An applicant whose spouse has a Niederlassungerlaubnis after holding a blue card.
  • applicants who apply for a family reunion with their spouse who is a citizen of an EU member state
  • applicants who apply for a family reunion with their German child.
  • applicants whose spouse is an acknowledged asylum seeker or refugee according to the Geneva Convention for Refugees.


If the marriage already existed at the time when he or she established their main ordinary residence outside Pakistan

Things to rememeber

Marital Status

The marital status of the wife and husband must be changed after marriage.

Spouse’s last name

If a husband or wife wants to change the wife’s last name then it should be done in Pakistan. This process is really difficult in Germany and German’s don’t understand this concept. 

Document verification fee

Document verification fee is required by the Pakistani consulate and may also be for the Indian consulate. Please check your country’s German embassy website.

This fee is taken by the embassy so that they will hire a lawyer for verification. It might be possible that the lawyer will come to your house and ask questions like:

    • How long have you been married?
    • How long have you both known each other?
    • See pictures of your marriage.


The lawyer sometimes asks questions from your neighbors also in order to verify your marriage.

Therefore, if you did not invite neighbors to your wedding then just send them some sweets so that they will know about your marriage. After verification, the lawyer will give a green signal to the German embassy.

Documents requirement for Spouse in Germany

Once the verification process completes or in process, your spouse in Germany will get the letter from the foreign office (Ausländerbehörde).

In this letter, it will be written that you are asked to submit three documents.


House contract paper

to make sure that your house is big enough for two people. Your house should be bigger than 25 square meters.

So, in the contract, it should be written that your house is 25 square meters or bigger and also that the landlord allows two people to live there.

Last 3 salary slips

This condition is only valid for the people who are in Germany on visas like normal working visas or blue cards or student visas.

However, if you are a German national then you don’t need to show proof of income

Last 3 months bank statement

In this, they want to see if you get your salary regularly and also if you pay your rent regularly.

Your wedding pictures (optional)

It is not mandatory to submit pictures of your wedding but you should take some pictures for the safe side.

Spouse visa processing time

Once you submit these documents in Germany, the applicant in the applying country will get the Visa within 2-4 weeks.

This duration could vary depending on many factors like how much time your foreign office will take to verify your submitted documents and notify the embassy of the applicant.

After spouse arrival in Germany

When the spouse arrives in Germany, he/she must have to register in the city municipal office and. After that, he/she needs an appointment at the foreign office (Ausländerbehörde) to extend the visa.

Initially, the applicants get a 3 or 6 months visa, and that visa gets extended after reaching Germany. The spouse can do a subsidized German course (Integrationkurs).

Frequently Asked Questions

Do we have to pay document verification fees separately for kids and spouses?

No, you just have to pay the amount stated on the Embassy’s website. The amount covers the applicant for the whole verification process including children. The purpose of this application is to verify the marriage.

If the A1 certificate expires, do we need to give a re-exam for A1?

Yes, if the embassy is asking to give an A1 exam again, then you must have given an A1 level.

Is it necessary to submit FRC in German?

 No, you can submit the English translation of all the foreign language documents.

How much time will it take to get a Visa after document submission?

This time could vary from 2-6 months Depending on the consulate or embassy and also it can vary from case to case.

Is online marriage is acceptable by German Embassy?

No, Germany doesn’t accept online marriages

What happens if somebody already did online marriage, now what is the solution?

First, the German embassy/consulate does not recognize online Nikkah/ telephonic Nikkah.

I am sharing my friend’s experience. He did his Nikkah on Skype and it took him 1.5 years to complete his spouse visa process.

After his online Nikkah, his spouse submitted her documents at German Embassy, he was asked to also submit the court order to prove if his marriage actually took place and if it is legit.

That’s why he needed this court order where the court will give a statement that this marriage took place and also recognized by your government.

It is better to make this court order in the same city where the marriage took place because it would be easier for Witnesses, Imam, and other people to come to Court.

The groom also has to come to court for this court order, but if the groom is in Germany then he has to nominate a person (for example, father or brother or any guardian) and give Power of attorney to this person.

You can make this power of attorney in Germany and attest it either from your consulate or embassy. Then you have to send this original power of attorney to Pakistan.

After that, your nominated person can present himself in court and represents you in court.

For this whole process, he suggested that you should hire a lawyer who at least has some experience in these matters.

Please don’t wait for the German embassy to ask for this court order, you can start this court order process, once the online nikkah takes place.

My friend also suggested that this process is quite hectic, he said it would be better to spend some money and go to your country and have a proper marriage. But if you have any family pressure then this is the process for you or try to convince them that this will prolong the process.

What is the best way to move from Pakistan to Germany? Can a work visa be applied if both husband and wife hold engineering degrees?

You should try for a job search visa but having a job search visa does not guarantee the job itself. You will also struggle to get a job.

In Germany, the language barrier is a real thing, maybe you both have good professional experience but that experience might not worth anything here without German language skills.

I would suggest starting looking for jobs from your home country and if you find one then ask your employer to help in the visa process along with your spouse.

If a couple lives in Germany on a Visa (Student, Normal residence permit, or Bluecard) and wants to get married in Pakistan, will they have to get a new passport for returning back to Germany?

After getting married in the home country, should they have to tell the embassy whether they are married or it is not required? And after coming back to Germany, should they have to register marriage anywhere or not?

It doesn’t matter where you get married, you need to register your marriage here in Germany. For that, you need to go to Standesamt.

They will tell you which documents they need in order to verify your marriage. This verification can take some time and you have to pay 450 euro for the verification.

Which is the best institute for German language certificates in Islamabad? And is it necessary to have a language certificate before the embassy appointment?

Numl Islamabad and Goethe institute are the best for German language certificates. And Yes it is the requirement of the application. Clearly states on the Embassy’s website.

Can I invite my spouse on a student visa?

Yes but with a trick. As in most countries, the spouse visa has a long processing time that’s why people think that they can bring their spouse on a student visa.

Yes, you can bring your spouse on a student visa but you can only do this if you guys get married after your spouse gets the student visa or at least after the Visa appointment. 

If you guys get married before the visa appointment then the Visa officer asks where your spouse lives. If your spouse says Germany then there are higher chances of Visa rejection because VO will also think that you want to bypass the Family reunion visa process that’s why the applicant is applying for the student visa.

Keep that in mind that your spouse also needs the blocked amount for the study visa. Now somebody can say, that what happens if I sponsor her studies.

Yes, you can do that but under which related to the applicant? Fiance ? or spouse ? or a cousin? I would suggest, please follow the proper channel because sometimes these shortcuts lead a long way.

I have done my appointment now, when will the lawyer come for inquiry and when will my Visa be processed?

The whole process can take up to 6 months after visa application.

The applicant’s spouse visa is about to expire in Germany and the applicant’s appointment is near.

In this case, the German spouse should show strong ties to Germany. E.g a job contract for a working person or a bonafide student certificate for a student, which can prove that the applicant’s spouse still has some ties to Germany, and the German spouse’s visa will be the extended basis on that.

If your spouse has a confirmation of appointment at the foreign office. Then you can also attach a copy of that (as a supporting document)

How long should the house contract be valid, when the spouse in Germany gets the call from the foreign office?

At the time of the interview, the german spouse house contract should be valid for more than 6 months.

The visa officer can also accept something below 6 months but it all depends on VO’s mood because if they want, they can also reject 7 months contract.

My husband is doing his Ph.D. He has a German national visa. I got my appointment from the embassy after 8 months. I have all the things completed but I don’t have a german A1 language certificate. Is it hard to get a Visa?

That’s the requirement of the visa. If you are enrolled in the course then you can show that you are currently doing the course and will give the exam but it totally depends on the visa officer.

Maybe the Visa officer can give you a later date of submission. As I said, it depends on the Visa officer. I would suggest, please complete all the required documents so you will not face any problem when you are there for the interview.

I am a student in Germany, my spouse is applying for a family reunion visa. Is there any way to avoid a blocked account for my spouse?

Yes, if as a student you are earning more than the required net income for two people. This amount could vary from city to city.

This amount could vary from 1500 to 1600 euros net income per month.

I would suggest, please consult the foreign office for the approximate living expense of the couple because it varies from city to city.

Can my spouse work full time if I am a student in Germany?

Yes, your spouse can work full time because as a student you have limited hours of working but your spouse is free from this condition.

Your spouse can study in Germany, work full time and also open a business.

If your spouse is a Ph.D. student in Germany, then what are the requirements for that?

Everything that has been explained in this blog and in the video will remain the same for the spouse of the Ph.D. student as well.

As a Ph.D. student, if your spouse is earning more than the required salary, then you don’t need a blocked account for a spouse Visa.

Why should I change my wife’s name in my country?

If you want to change your wife’s name after marriage, then you must change it in your home country as it is a very lengthy and difficult process in Germany.

Let me explain this with an example.

Suppose that husband’s name is Ali Anwar and the wife’s name is Anum Khan and they want to name their child Shehzad Ali, then it is not possible. In this case, the child will either get the name Shehzad Anwar or Shehzad Khan.

If you are OK with this combination, then you don’t need to change your wife’s last name. For example, one of my friend’s last names is Khan and he also wants his child’s last name to be “Khan”. In this case, he doesn’t need to change his wife’s last name.

What if I did not change my wife’s name in my home country and now I want to change her last name in Germany?

In this case, you either can give your last name to your wife or you can adapt your wife’s last name as your last name but you cannot give your first name to your wife’s last name.

Maybe it is possible, but what I have heard from many people. It is not possible.

Another way would be to go back to your home country and get this done there and then come back to Germany with a new name.

What are the requirements for the apartment?

You should have at least a 6 months contract at the time when you get the call from the foreign office for a house contract.

If the contract is less than 6 months then it might create issues but it depends upon the local foreign office.

What is the procedure if I want to get married to a German national in Germany?

If you want to get married in Germany, then there is an office in Germany which is responsible for marriages in Germany, it is called Standesamt.

You have to submit your documents there and also some verification fees. After that, they will do a background check on you e.g. if you have any criminal record or not in your home country.

They will also send a lawyer to your parent’s house and neighbors. Once you get verification, you will get an appointment and after that, you can get married.

Can I invite my parents to Germany?

Yes, you can invite your parents to Germany but only on a short-term Visa which is only for 90 days.

I had also made a video on how to invite family and friends to Germany and here is the link:

How to invite friends and family to Germany

However, if you want to invite family on a permanent basis, then it is not possible.

So far, as I know European countries don’t give long-term visas to the parents, but in some cases, they can make exceptions.

Suppose, your parents have no source of income in your home country and they are completely dependent on you and they also don’t have any other children except you or your country is on war and you want to bring your parents here for safety concern then you might able to convince the authorities to give them the long term Visa.

I would suggest that in this case, you should consult the immigration lawyer.


These points are written on the basis of Pakistan’s family reunion visa process.

This process is more or less similar for other countries. So you can first check the required documents at the applicant’s country of residence website.

Here is the link to Family reunion Visa FB groups for all nationalities: